Wow, this has been a journey.  But, a good one!  I was able to do a short getaway this weekend and it was awesome.  I enjoyed the wonderful outdoors.  Sat by the water early in the morning and was able to have lots of quiet time to meditate, rest and relax.  I didn’t want to fall off the wagon, so I took my blender with me and made smoothies throughout the day!(“Traveling Smoothies”) -LOL!

We have had lots of great testimonies and the smoothies have been rocking.  We are winding up the first 7 days on tomorrow and we are still excited about this journey to better fitness, nutrition and wellness.

The green smoothies have been particular rewarding.  It appears that the vote is in on how nutritious and filling the green smoothies are.  The exercise segment is coming along.  Need to concentrate more on consistency with the time of day to exercise and not make it a burden.

Just finished a 3.5 mile walk/run with TeamWeeCan.  We are gearing up for the Baltimore Women’s Classic.  When I returned, I made a wonderful morning smoothing with kale, tofu, banana, peaches and pineapple and a touch of flax seed!  This should get me through the morning and then I’ll see what’s next!

20140617_065855[1]         20140617_070158[1]

Looking forward to a great week and I hope you are encouraged to stay on your wellness journey. Don’t give up!