Well, here we are.  This is the last day of the 21-Day Challenge and it has been a wonderful journey.  As I spoke with the ladies on yesterday, the real challenge is just beginning today.  Now that we have gone through lifestyle changes, with how we eat, sleep, think, etc. I pray that the changes that have been made are not just for the 21 days, but for a lifetime.

Some of the Testimonies:

“I have much more energy”

“I am not as grouchy”

“I loss weight”

“I tried some new exercises and can already see and feel the results”

“I have never run a 5K race and during this 21 days I ran my first”

“The smoothies have been great”

“I am not as hungry as I used to be”

“The beet juice is one of my favorites – As soon as I drink it, I get instant results”

“I am ready to keep moving forward, I don’t want to go back to my old bad habits”

“I thought I was dependent on caffeine, but I have not had any for 21 days and feel great”

“I am going to increase my activities and continue to watch the things I put in my body and my mind”

“I can think more clearly”

“My devotion time is more meaningful”

“I used to crave ice cream every night, but I have not desired any since I have been eating a healthier diet”

“I am so grateful”

“I am doing things that I never thought were possible for me”

“Full Steam Ahead”

Go ladies, you are incredible!  Thanks Charles “Chizel-It” Harris for the inspiration and guidance through this program.  You are amazing!