Lozilu Mudder with #TeamWeeCan

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Electric Run with #TeamWeeCan



Well, we said we were gonna do it and we DID!  #TeamWeeCan had a day full of activities, fun and fellowship.  We started our day at 5:00 a.m. and ended at 11:00p.m.  The mudder was full of adventure, fun and some challenges. However, we never gave up and made it through all the obstacles.

Then we headed to a wonderful crab feast and fellowship with the magnificent women of New Antioch Baptist Church or Randallstown.  Lots of food, fun, worship and fellowship!

After that we journeyed downtown Baltimore, with a few guests, to the Electric Run. It was ELECTRIC and full of fun.  It was wonderful to see all the people (children, teens, women and men) together laughing and celebrating life.  It’s was great being around happy people and getting in some exercise ever at nighttime.  The lights were bright and exciting and the energy was incredible.

The official summary is that we were on the move for over 18 hours and got it all done.  Feeling great and injury free!  We said we would do it and now IT’S DONE!  To God Be The Glory!!!!