As we enter the last Sunday of the year 2014, take a moment to reflect on God’s awesome and amazing power.  Even though there have been some ups and downs, trials, tribulations, heartbreaks, disappointments, battles and struggles, we can still thank God for blessing us to see this day.  There have also been some wonderful, exciting, joy-filled, uplifting and life changing moments throughout this year.  Let joy fill your heart in knowing that God is still in control and working miracles every day.  He cares for you and loves you very much.  Continue to press forward and enjoy every moment of life.  As you look back over this year and begin to count your blessings, I am sure that the good times out weigh the bad.  Life is good and God is Amazing!  Continue to enjoy your holiday season and don’t forget to be a blessing to someone else.

And remember keeeeeeep smiling!!!