i am so excited and grateful to have the privilege of knowing my friend Tisha.  Today she celebrates 9 years as a kidney transplant recipient. Many thanks to her remarkable dad who donated his kidney to his precious daughter. She is such a humble and determined young lady who never complains but keeps moving forward, taking care of her temple and enjoying life to the fullest.  I praise God and count it a privilege to know her and to be afforded opportunities to chat about wellness issues to help inspire others to take care of their bodies. Tisha – hats off to you. You are a phenomenal woman!!!

d6d26d81537ad1259dfb678e04a23e0bThere are many phenomenal women in this world. Take time to tell her how phenomenal she is and encourage her in every way that you can.  Everybody can use some encouragement from time to time. Sometimes you even have to encourage yourself – that’s okay too. Just don’t ever give up – keep pressing forward and find a way to make the moments of each day count!  Life is for the living – so live the best life you can while encouraging someone else to do the same!!!