“Become a priority in your life” (positivelifetips.com)


You do Matter!!!

I had to revisit this and apply it to my own life. Sometimes you can get wrapped up in making sure everyone else around you gets what they need and you push yourself further and further away from your goals.  I always talk about taking care of yourself so that you can take care of others and I need to make sure I am doing the same thing.  Epiphany? Hummm!

It appears that the days go by so fast, but I need to make sure that the time the Lord has given me for each day is spent wisely.  How can I be assured of that.  Glad you asked! 1) Be sure I am consulting with the Lord early in the morning and getting my marching orders from Him; 2) accepting the wise counsel from the Godly people he has placed in my life.  Thank you Lord for those who love and care for me.

Prayer – Lord help me to accomplish what it is you want me to accomplish and not worry about the rest! In Jesus Name – Amen!

Challenge #19

Be willing to push back and re-set your priorities!