Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and mother figures.  It is such an honor to be a part of shaping and molding so many lives.  Every life matters – the lives of our children and the lives of others.  Mothers Are A Special Gift – 365.

I was blessed to share with the Women of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church on yesterday.  I stood in awe of the many family and friends who came out to support, encourage, fellowship and praise God along with me.  All of the ladies and gents were truly touched by the hand of God to be present at this wonderful fellowship.  I will share below a small excerpt of what I shared at the Mother’s Day Luncheon.

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“Sometimes she looks around and feels like she is a failure!  There is no failure in God. He made Moms and he gives moms everything they need to accomplish his purpose.

Mother – a female who may or may not be a biological parent, who is in authority, exceptional,  unusual, uncommon, notable, remarkable, outstanding, unique, significant, memorable, important, precious, particular, purpose-built, tailor-made, custom-made, distinguished.

She does not expect payment or anything in return.  Unselfish, giving, forgiving, energetic, tough, author, disciplinarian, warrior, intercessor, strong, resilient, multi-tasker, determined, household coordinator, emotional backbone for her family, pays attention to the details.  Counselor, prayer warrior, leader, physician, medical assistant, protector, anchor, sensitive, wise, most knowing, comforter, cheerleader, on and on….

She is lied on, cursed, accused, abused, she suffers for others, she is beat on, kicked, she deals with the ungratefulness of others.

She has sleepless nights, she is tenderhearted, she endures temper tantrums, she continues to pray for rebellious children, she doesn’t give up, she trust God.

Expectations of her are great! She is expected to smile even when she is sad, she is expected to always put herself aside for the benefit of others – she is expected, expected, expected, expected to be everything to all her children and those around her.

Mothers are a Special Gift because she is designed BY God our Creator for a particular purpose! She’s phenomenal and courageous.  Love her, cherish her, honor her, obey her, respect her, pray for her, lift her up, spend time with her, do for her without asking for something in return.