Sometimes it’s hard to move forward because of so much stuff in the way.  It could be people, objects, the To Do List, emails, etc.

I’m spending some quality time letting go of the unnecessary clutter.  Today, I started with emails.  Wow – I could not believe how many emails I have been leaving in my inbox – thinking one day I will get to read them all and then I can delete them.  Well, I did something extremely liberating today and pressed the DELETE button.  It was like a load lifted – LOL.

I’m just saying – it’s okay to let go and get rid of the stuff that has you burdened down.  Maybe start with emails or stuff you have been moving from place to place in your home or office.  It could be people (oooops) that have invaded your life and keep you negative, depressed and weary.  Your closet may be full of clothes and shoes that you thought you would keep to fit into them later (that may have been 5 years ago – lol) ummmm.  Just start to let go of some things and see how liberating it feels so that you can make room for newness and change.  Could add a new dimension to your wellness journey!

Try it – you might find new life behind the clutter.