Baltimore Women20140719_205047

Well, we are getting it done!  Today we are gathering for the Baltimore Women’s Classic.  TeamWeeCan is on the move again.  Making healthy choices and sticking to it.  Looking forward to a day of fellowship, fun and laughter with the benefits of exercise, all in one.  I believe today is gonna be a bright sun shiny day, and I am excited about seeing women coming together from all backgrounds to walk, run, skip, hop while encouraging each other.

My motto “No Woman Left Behind” will be in full force today!  You don’t have to do the 5k race today to encourage someone.  Make it a point to say a kind word, give a hug, a smile, encourage someone to take a leap of faith to accomplish what they thought they could not accomplish!  Your push may be all they need!  The by-product is that you will be encouraged too!