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Hello! Welcome to “Transition Begins With You”.  My name is MamaJean Jeffreys, and I am this site’s chief blogger.  I am excited that you decided to join us as we share scripture, biblical insight, wellness tips, inspirational writings, songs, and just plain ole’ encouragement.  The initial purpose of this blog was to encourage the holistic wellness of women (mind, body, soul and spirit).  However, many have expressed interest and I have opened it to all who want to stay encouraged and focused on the well-being of themselves and others.  In this blog, I will address the components of healthy living, offer positive thoughts, scriptures and provide information that I hope will prompt you to pursue a healthy and productive lifestyle.  I hope that this blog has a positive impact on you, your family and those with whom you come in contact.  Thanks for joining us!  Enjoy!

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